Les Soft Skills

Jack Ma, fondateur de Alibaba géant du ecommerce Chinois 

« We cannot teach our kids to compete with machines…We have to teach something unique »

Ses conseils, sa vision et ses astuces à propos de la globalisation et de l’avenir du travail. Enregistré lors du World Economic Forum à Davos (Suisse) en 2018.

Une analyse chez Google sur leurs employés – Décembre 2017

« The seven top characteristics of success at Google are all soft skills: being a good coach; communicating and listening well; possessing insights into others (including others different values and points of view); having empathy toward and being supportive of one’s colleagues; being a good critical thinker and problem solver; and being able to make connections across complex ideas. »

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Les Soft Skills sont la priorité en matière de formation selon un rapport Linkedin. (2018)

« The workforce agrees, training for soft skills is the #1 priority.

Talent developers, executives and people managers agree that training for soft skills is the top priority for talent development teams. »

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Le 3e CEO de Microsoft précise que les Soft Skills sont nécessaires au business

« But when I think about empathy or compassion, pick your word, I just don’t think that this is a soft skill that’s nice. I think it’s a business essential.
And I’ll tell you why. We are in the business of meeting unmet, unarticulated needs of customers all over the world, long before even they can articulate it. If we can do that, then we will be successful. If we can’t, we won’t. It’s an essential skill, an essential attribute, for product creation. »

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Dès 2016 le World Economic Forum annonçait
les 10 compétences professionnelles pour 2020.

Parmi lesquelles les Soft Skills ont la belle place!

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Human Learning eXpedition
peut vous aider, ou aider vos équipes à développer leurs Soft Skills.